“At the end, the only thing that’s left are interpersonal relationships.”

Arturo Álvarez blurting the light out

I find it curious that whenever I have tried to imagine Arturo Álvarez in his workshop, the first thing that comes to my mind is to think about one of my devotions, the sculptor Giacometti. Not because there are mimetic coincidences, which we could look for them, but because of the way the Swiss, by moving his fingers, removes some limits to build others, a key that also defines the exceptional work that Arturo Álvarez has been developing between craftmanship and design, between art and life…

David Barro. Managing Director of the DIDAC Foundation


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Arturo Álvarez, conceptual dimension linked to culture

Heir to the nature of his creative work, the sculpture of Arturo Álvarez has a recognized linguistic identity that comes from a careful use of light and the conception of figures in a continuous process of metamorphosis, participants, at least for whom this subscribe, of two of the famous proposals that Italo Calvino had conceived for our millennium: lightness and accuracy…

Antón Castro. Critic and curator of art exhibitions.


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