“At the end, the only thing that’s left are interpersonal relationships.”


With the collection Imos, Arturo Álvarez continues with his detailed exploration of human nature, our relationship with the environment, and with others. The main figure, pure, clean, and bare, with an absolute simplicity, looks on impassively. This is counterbalanced by the wood with which the figure is made: a warm, noble, natural material. Humanity confronting itself, uncovered, with nothing to hide.

Light continues to be the central theme of his work. Shadows cast on the wall accompany the sculpture. They are with it, next to it, close to it. The idea of liberty persists, of togetherness, of being part of a group, a tribe.

A better world is possible: there are many of them, more than can be seen at first glance, and the majority of them do not know each other. They do not make noise, but they are there, in the background, active and present at the same time.

The central figure of the work stands firm, slender, unbowed, sure. It looks straight ahead, and feels confident, because it is not alone.

Series: 100 pieces for each size
Typology: floor and suspension
Technique: Wood, stainless steel
Source of light: LED


Approximate measurements:
Large: 110cm high
Small: 100cm high


Árturo Álvarez, 2018

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