“At the end, the only thing that’s left are interpersonal relationships.”


Conversas is an uncovered and open faces collection, with all their noticeable beauties and despairs and which get all of their dramatic appearance from the light that projects them onto the wall in 3D. When the lights move, the faces engage into silent and frightening confabulations among each other, which make us to think about the human being and the personal interrelationships. Expressions, gestures and glances emerge from the chilly looking shaped steel chain mail… A spirit, bare and straightforward, seems to gaze at us in some cases while in others, it makes a face to hide the most intimate part of its being, or simply lays there with a confused look.

Series: 100 pieces for each size
Tipology: wall
Technique: black stainless steel mesh
Source of lighting: LED
Approximate measurements:
Large wall: 90 x 20cm (Sold out)
Small wall: 75 x 20cm


Árturo Álvarez, 2013

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