“At the end, the only thing that’s left are interpersonal relationships.”


Leria is a set of faces with which Arturo Álvarez continues to explore human communication. Wealth is found in miles of years of creation, uses, improvements, disuse, conventions and parallel corrections in the development of human intelligence. The language can be used in the colloquial, loving and fraternal way, but also as a means of management, separation, confrontation or deception. The author wanted, with this new look, to focus on the friendly and friendlier uses that can be established in conversations, perhaps, an approach to the other, to take into account in times of convulsion.


Arturo Álvarez’s new art proposal presents three modalities. Leria table, is a subtle sculpture of a face, which is integrated into a platform that rotates with the strength and magnetism of magnets. Illuminated by a LED, the piece is projected on the wall. When activating the magnets, it turns on itself, suspended in the air. Leria in its wall format, consists of several pieces hanging from steel wires. They communicate with each other, dialogue, projecting shadows on the wall, from leds placed strategically and hanging from the ceiling. The lightness of the pieces means that with a subtle breeze, the projection is filled with dynamism, movement and conversation. This work, in its third form, is a pendant composition, in which the sculptures are attached to cables, steel wires and LEDs, causing the faces to be projected on the floor and ceiling.

Leria wall 99 pieces
Leria pendant 50 pieces
Leria table 49 pieces
Typology: pendant, wall and table
Technique: black stainless steel mesh
Source of light: 230V-50Hz (LED) or 120V-60Hz (LED)
Approximate measurements (variable sizes):
Wall (square) contains 4 pieces: 130cm x 130cm
Wall (circle) contains 5 pieces: Ø 180cm
Table: 40cm x 20cm x 25cm
Pendant: variable size


Árturo Álvarez, 2019

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